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Welcome to the Selangor Shooting Association (SSA) and the National Shooting Association (NSAM), the oldest and most established Shooting Association in Malaysia, founded in 1950.

The SSA covers the Shooting Sports in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur while the NSAM represents Malaysia. The SSA is the key member of NSAM and its National Range in Subang is the Home of Malaysian Champions. It is where all National Shooters and aspiring Shooters obtain their training and support. Nearly all the National Competitions are held at this Range. SSA, through the NSAM is the only affiliate to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and the International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF).

The SSA provides all the facilities for the Olympic shooting events. It has a 50 meter Rifle range with 60 bays, a 10 meter air conditioned indoor range with 40 bays, a 25 meter range with 30 bays and two Skeet / Trap ranges. Most of the ranges have state of the art of electronic scoring.

There is also an elaborate 25 meter Pistol range to cater for non-Olympic type shooting. This is where VIPs with gun license, police, government servants and security companies practice.

The SSA is even more than the center of Shooting Sports in Malaysia. It is also a family friendly club with tennis courts, squash courts, a delicious food court and 2 swimming pools. It is continuously adding new sport activities for its members, such as indoor badminton, table tennis, archery and so on.

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