4th WUC Shooting Sport – Day 4

KAZAN – The Russian shooters enriched the country’s collection with three more medals on Saturday, Day 4 of the 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship.

The men’s 10m Air Pistol event and women’s 50m Rifle final headlined the fourth competition day at the Shooting Range Complex in Mirny Township.

Sergey CHERVYAKOVSKIY won a gold medal in the men’s 10m Air Pistol final with a total score of 690.5 points. Frenchman Vincent JEANNINGROS took silver. The bronze medal went to Pavel SVETLIK of the Czech Republic. Apart from that, Sergey CHERVYAKOVSKIY together with Rinat AYUPOV and Nikolay KILIN netted another gold for the host country winning the men’s 10m Air Pistol team event.

The Polish shooter Paula WRONSKA climbed onto the top podium spot after she won the 50m Rifle final. Martina LANDIS of Switzerland was edged out into silver-medal position. Bronze was surpsrisingly claimed by Yanjinlkham OLZVOIBAATAR (MGL) who managed to move up from the 8th spot in the qualification to the third place in the final. The Korean national team took the 50m Rifle team gold, the Iranians took silver and the Russian team finished third.

Russia currently tops the medal count of Pistol and Rifle events at the 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship. The Russian shooters earned 13 medals (9 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze). South Korea is second with 10 medals (4-5-1) and France sits in the third place with 8 medals (2-5-1).

The men’s best Skeet team was decided on Saturday, September 8th, at the Sviyaga Shooting Complex where the 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship is held. The Czech shooters who were leading the Friday’s team competition left no chances to their competitors on Day 2 of Skeet competitions. Having scored 214 points on Day 1, the team of the Czech Republic got 71 and 70 points in the fourth and the fifth stages. The major competitors – the Russians and Italians – tried to catch up with the leader but the maximum result they managed to reach was when the Italian team gained 75 points out of possible 75 in the fourth stage. After Day 1 of the competition the Russian national team (204) was in the second place, but its advantage over the Italian team, which was coming next, is only one point. The Italians took advantage of the major rivals’ mistakes and outscored the Russians in the fight for the second place. The Italian team got 347 points, while Team Russia got 342 and was left with bronze only. The teams of Cyprus (341), Slovakia (327) and Kazakhstan (321) took the fourth, fifth and sixth places.

The men’s Skeet final took place today as well. 12 shooters shot 75 targets (three stages of 25 shots) on Friday, leaving two stages of the qualification for Saturday. Marco SABLONE of Italy scored a total of 73 and ended up taking the leading position in Skeet qualifying. Tomas NYDRLE is one point behind while his compatriots Daniel HERBERGER and Jakub TOMECEK, as well as Anton ASTAKHOV, have 71 points each after three stages. It was interesting to watch how the competition between these shooters progresses as very often the overall picture changes significantly. But each of the shooters managed to get nerves under control and all of them progressed to the final. Although Daniel HERBERGER finished sixth scoring 117 targets. Dimitr KONSTANTINOU of Cyprus finished above him after he shot a perfect 25/25 in the last stage and got 117 points as well. Marco SABLONE’s total score is impressive, he managed 123 points missing only two shots in one of the five stages of the qualification round. Tomas NYDRLE boasts 120 points with Anton ASTAKHOV and Jakub TOMECEK having 119 and 118 respectively. According to the experts, the Italian shooter is the main challenger and the favourite for the men’s Skeet title. But people who have a deeper understanding of trap and skeet shooting assume that neither of the six finalists will manage to reach the maximum result in the final.

(Source: Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate)

Source : www.fisu.net 

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